It all started with a need.

A need for understanding.  A need for help.  A need for a connection that was missing between kids and the educators in their lives. As educators ourselves with years of experience in the classroom, we saw the need for kids who may need a little extra help, for kids that need a lot of extra help, for kids that simply need the gift of time.  But we also saw the need for educators, caregivers and parents who may not always know how to recognize and cope with the challenges and demands of those very same kids.  

That's why we formed LinkEducation Resources - to meet those needs and to give both students and the teams that support them the opportunity for success, for growth and to meet the potential that lies inside all of us by offering the necessary supports, education and skills for both the individual and group setting.

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“LinkEducation Resources gave us fresh new ways to help children in my class.  I loved everything!”
- Children in the Shoe - Olney, MD